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Center for 职业生涯 发展 & Experiential Learning


职业生涯 Student Services


The mission of the Center for 职业生涯 发展 & Experiential Learning at Kingsborough Community College is to provide equitable 职业生涯 services to students and alumni through 职业生涯 exploration, professional resources and programming so they are well equipped to make informed 职业生涯 choices.

Who Do We Serve?

The Center for 职业生涯 发展 & Experiential Learning provides 职业生涯 counseling, 职业生涯 exploration and employment opportunities to all students throughout their educational pursuits at Kingsborough Community College. The Center staff also maintains collaborative relationships with faculty as they provide a variety of in-class workshops and presentations.

Diversity Statement

The Center for 职业生涯 发展 & Experiential Learning offers a unique and individual experience to all students from diverse backgrounds providing equitable access to opportunities and resources toward their professional 增长.

A Word From Our 导演

Welcome to the Center for 职业生涯 发展 & Experiential Learning! 你的决定 to begin or continue your education at Kingsborough Community College was one of the first major steps in your 职业生涯 and important opportunities (and challenges) await 你在这里.

Our office is here to help guide you through your time here at Kingsborough and beyond. Our services extend past resume development, 职业生涯 exploration and service. 它将 help provide a solid foundation for you to build upon and explore endless possibilities.

We invite you to take advantage of these resources and services on our website and through our office. Visit with an advisor or stop by if you have any further questions.